How you define the difference between ssistance, reception, and monitoring spaces and what are the conditions that each function should have?

Every emergency can have very different needs, so flexibility is very required. The "assistance area" will be useful to provide primary assistance to disaster victims, please attention that it's not a hospital. This "primary assistance" could be of different types because there are some many types of emergency and each of them could have different kinds of approaches (sanitary, pscicology eccetera). If there are particular cases that need to be checked over several days, the  monitoring area is used to monitor the progress of the victims. Reception serves as a filter to welcome the victims, to understand if it is necessary that they are listened by operators  and if they can enter the internal areas or not. For example, if someone is victim of violence, the reception operator will take them to an operator specialized in psychology or human rights to give assistance, and eventually monitoring in next days.

Do we need to consider rehabilitation facilities?( staying facilities like dormitories) or just an EOC only with management facilities?

The EOC is a space only for emergency management operations, so dormitory is not required. The operators of the organizations will have their own separate spaces from the EOC. However, if it is considered important for the project, the participant is free to insert additional spaces as long as those described in the notice are present.

Should we choose the country and specific location in Sub-Saharan Africa ourselves to build the building?

As written in the announcement, instead of having a specific lot, there is an intervention context, which is an emergency context being an EOC adaptable to any places (in Sub-Saharan Africa) and emergegy contexts (wars, flood, tsunami, migration ecc). If you want to locate your project you can choose a place in Sub-Saharan Africa in an emergency context at your discretion.

Will delivery dates change with the COVID19 epidemic?

No, it doesn't change. This is an online competition, so we believe that the competition can continue to take place according to the provisions indicated by organizations and local authorities, which promotes to work in Smart working. So, participant teams, based on any limitations imposed by governments, may meet each other via Skype and to continue the design in Smart Working as promoted by most of the countries affected by COVID19. Just as many professional and university activities are doing. If the scientific committee think it will appropriate to change dates, communication will be made to all participants.

What means that the maximum floor area 500 mq?

The 500m2 are the maximum indoor spaces of your design, where will take place the mainly activities wrote in official announcement. The architectural project cannot exceed the 500 square meters with the areas described and all others spaces (internal and closed) useful to facilitate the carrying out of the planned activities.A portico (and other similar open spaces) if it's open and not strictly connected to the mainly activities of the EOC is not part of the 500 square meters.

Can I change the team after I register?

No. As written in the registration form, the team is no longer editable. This is done to avoid database manipulation and protect attendee data.

What kind of document can I send for the "document under 35"?

You can send any type of official document in your country where the date of birth is written. Accepted documents are passport, driving license and identity card.

Should we design the “assistance” area (containing the medical and psychological care areas) to allow for longer-term civilian lodging? Or are we designing to provide an area in which, let’s say, the victims of tragedy spend less than a day before being redirected?

A emergency can affect a very large number of victims, so it would not be possible to have everyone housed in the assistance area. SSo, this area wants to welcome people for short periods according to the needs of the single case and emergency.

What's about the size of Bamboo and wood in the materials list?

the list is only an example material list for a part of Africa, but if you are free to use any other type of material. The size of bamboo changes according to the age of the plant, it can be from 5 to 20 centimeters. The two types of wood mentioned are local essences (in North West Africa). They are woods normally used in carpentry of traditional constructions. While Caissandra is a wood used mainly for the processing of furnishings. The difference between box and cilinder concerns the way of selling. As a cylinder it is the cost of the trunk, as a Box it is the volume in m3 that is sold.

What's about shells and sheet?

The river  shells are (in North West Africa) used as a decoration and on some occasions as an aggregate in concrete. The sheet is a corrugated or flat metal sheet normally used on the roof or in shops.

Is there a possibility to purpose that a sector of the project could be destined for another use once the main purpose is finished?

Yes, it is a competitor's discretion to foresee a temporary use or a different use after the emergency.

Is there any limit for project height?

There is no limit height. Only ground floor is required to avoid structural complications.

The project is ground floor only. Does this allow for the use of a mezzanine inside our building or is your preference to eliminate stairs altogether?

Among the characteristics of the architecture,the is ground floor only to avoid structural complexity and reduce construction times and costs. So, is better to avoid a mezzanine.

Can I have a refund of the registration fee?

No. As written in the rules and conditions of the announcement, reimbursement is not possible under any circumstances.

What about the 1st prize?

1st Prize is cash prize (5.000€) and an internship at Kengo Kuma in Tokyo for the team.

Where can I find other material prices?

You can find a summary list in the study materials donwload that you can download on our website. For all other materials you can use the international price, or the price of any other country that you will indicate on the report. So, You can then use the prices found through a online search, or the prices of your country and in the report you will indicate that that price refers to a specific country.

What about services and toilets in a temporary architecture?

Being an emergency architecture that must be quickly built and functioning, chemical baths or other temporary solutions can be used.

What about the Area 2 for Assistance, reception, and monitoring?

It should be a flexible and versatile environment, because different types of emergencies may require different needs. In any case, this is an environment in which health and psychological care interventions should take place, therefore also possible first aid and patient monitoring. The number of users cannot be predicted because they can be managed in decency or rotation. The number of people affected by the emergency is not predictable, rather you can provide the number of people who will be able to use it according to your design and how this can open up to the victims of the emergency.

Are we supposed to provide technical drawings with dimensions and details ?

All that is required is written in the "Material" section. You are free to express your project in the way you think is best.

I Would like to know if the internship at Kengo Kuma & Associates is for all the members of the group?

The internship is provided for the whole team.

What is the deadline time? Is there extensions?

The deadline is written in the announcement and on the website on calendar page. There isn't extensions. All projects delivered after this date will not be considered, as it was written in official notice. So, We recommended don't wait the last day to load the project to avoid overloading the system.

Layouts have to contain the ID Team?

The materials must not contain names or references to the designers but just ID team. Howevere, It's not strictly obligatory that layout contains ID. Instead it is mandatory (under penalty of exclusion) that the files are renamed according to the instructions written in the announcement.

I'm not able to access in Pay Pal payment system, can I register with another payment method?

The registration process via PayPal is the only way possible, and it allows to protect all the information you enter. If your PayPal system does not allow you to pay, the problem could be your credit / debit card or your country (Turkey is not authorized in Pay Pal system). So, You should verify if your country adheres to the PayPal system and if you can't solve the problem you should write to info@kairalooro.com.

It says in the guildlines of the competition that 1 A1 layout (841 x 594mm) in .pdf format, written in English, 300 dpi, maximum size 15 mb, horizontal layout. Is this a compulsory stipulation or we can break the rule?

It's necessary that all requirements are respected.

Is new technology as solar panels or other technologys solutions reachable?

We prefer natural energy systems rather than imported technologies. However if you feel you can use. All this is indicated in the "design" section of the official notice.

Teams missing one under 35 member at least will be disqualified. If I am the youngest of my team and I will be 36 years old in 2019 after the end of the competition, my team can take part?

Yes, all the teams that have at least one component having age between 18 and 35 years old at least until the end of the competition can partecipate.

Can I put any kind of text into the A1?

As indicated in the "Rules" it is required to comprehensively represent the project through sections render sketches ect. Any texts are to be inserted in the English language, but it is preferable to communicate the project through images.

Can I put any kind of images into the report?

As indicated in the "Rules" it is required to put into just text in english.

Is the design building should be cosidered more like a temporary structure or permanent building?

The project should be considered temporary, but if you want you can also provide some permanent or semi-permanent part.