Kaira Looro Past Editions

Cultural Center

Sedhiou, Senegal, Africa

Hundred-years old cultures give birth to Communities, being transmitted through rhymes of those who are narrating it and interpretating tha past through wisdom. One's accomplishments result from rituals and metamorphosis, bonding the human being to its own roots through dance, history, music, colours, flavours, materials and landscapes.

Sacred Architecture

Tanaff, Senegal, Africa

Introspection, spirituality and divinity. These are the elements around which the sacred architecture revolves. The light and the lightness of the materials join sacred and profane, creating an architecture that, through spaces and forms, try to invite the humans to an interior research.

Workshop '16

Catania, Italy, Europa

The event represented an international architecture workshop organized in september 2016 together with In/arch Sicilia and CA2Lab from University of Catania, aimed to support the Dam-Bridge project, addressing international community and developing architectural projects to be donated to Tanaff Valley.