This section shows responses to some frequently asked questions. Participants will be able to request further clarification for the entire duration of the contest and before the established deadline from the following e-mail address: info@kairalooro.com. Responses will be published exclusively in English. Questions similar to those already present on the site will not receive a response.

Main topics:

Rural Area / Ideal Plot / Roof overhangs / Groundfloor / File names / Donwloads / Indoor space / Total volumes 650sqm / Solar panel / Jury feedback / Bathrooms / Under 35 requirement / Materials / Internship / Jury feedback / ID TEam / Deadlines / Meterials Price / Document Under 35 / Payment / Who can participate / Number of proposal

If the design involves several volumes, should the total area be 650 square meters?

Yes, the design must be a maximum of 350 square meters. For example, the project can have a single volume of maximum 350sqm, or (for example) a volumes of 200 square meters and another one of 150sqm. In any case, the project cannot exceed 350sqm square meters in total including walls and corridors.

What is meant by ideal lot?

The project may be developed in any rural village of the contestant’s choice in southern Senegal within a plot of 45 metres long by 15 metres wide, with access only on the long side to the East. On competition materials have also a example of ideal plot.

How can we locate a rural area? What is meant by rural area?

​By rural area we mean that without major urban centers with more than 10,000 inhabitants. That is, small villages where it is difficult to find schools in good condition.​ Rural villages in South of Senegal normally do not exceed an average of 1,500 inhabitants. You can therefore see on the satellite those particularly isolated villages which perfectly represent the concept of rural life because they lack basic services and infrastructures.​ The choice of site for the project, however, does not affect the evaluation of the project, as long as the conditions of the tender are respected.

How must A1, A4 and Cover files be named? Can I put my ID Team into the layout (cover or A1)?

The correct naming of the files is mandatory and the error leads (according to the regulation of the announcement) to the exclusion of the project. The files must be named as in the Layouts sent after registration and the ID indicated in the registration email must be used. Your Team ID must only be used to rename files (A1_IDTEAM, Cover_IDTEAM, A4_IDTEAM). Layouts with the IDTEAM wrote inside layout fall into the causes of exclusion. The files must be named as follows:
A1_idteam - A4_idteam - Cover_idteam

Where instead of "idteam" there must be the alphanumeric code indicated in the registration email.

Where do I find the downloads? How to open files?

The downloads are sent only to the team leaders of the teams regularly registered in the competition and can and the files can only be used for the conduct of the competition, all other uses must be authorized as they are protected by Copyright. The files are collected in a compressed card in a RAR extension file, i.e. an archive file. This can be easily unzipped via free online software such as WinZip or WinRar. Once unzipped you will be able to access the files.

In this link you can download WinRar for the decompression of the archive file: https://www.win-rar.com/

Are the overhangs of the roof part of the 350 square meters?

If below the overhang the space is open they are not considered into the 350 square meters. Instead, if below there are walls or closed partitions they are considered part of square meters.

Why is it required that the project is ground floor only?

Being a self-construction design, to be carried out with simple technologies and poor materials, therefore elevations, stairs or elevators cannot be built because they would increase the costs and complicate the construction. Furthermore, we wish integrate the architecture with the nature as it is a natural context in which all the houses are on the ground floor only.

What you means "indoor space"?

The indoor spaces are those spaces in which all the activities provided by the announcement can be carried out safely at any time of the year.

Can I design solar panels and other types of systems (electrical, hydraulic etc.) ?

The competition only requires the design of the building. The design of the systems concerns a phase subsequent to that of the competition, so these design are not required. You are free to make it but this choice should not be included in the project budget and it won't be evaluate by the jury.

I am not architectural student, can I participate? Is the competition restricted only to students or professionals?

Competition is open to everyone. People from other disciplines can also participate, such as pediatrics, philosophers, sociologists, photographers, etc. Our competitions are open to anyone (student and not) who want to show the world their solution.

Is provided any jury's feedback for my project at the end of the competition?

No, it is not possible to give feedback for each participating project. The jury and committee decides the winning projects, as established by the announcement. Unrewarded participants are encouraged to study award-winning submissions with self-critical ability to improve next time.

How do I manage the bathrooms? Is there a water and sewer network?

It is one of the least developed areas of the country, where there are no water and sewage networks. The bathrooms are made through a hole in the ground, often made far from the house to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. The participant can foresee the positioning of the services (inside or outside the building) but the design of the sewage system is not required.

Are the materials in the list the only ones available?

No. The materials indicated are those most used and easier to find in rural areas. No type of material is avoided, but the choice and use of materials is a parameter of judgment of the jury based on the indications of the announcement.

Can I change the team after I register?

No. As written in the registration form, the team is no longer editable. This is done to avoid database manipulation and protect attendee data.

What kind of document can I send for the "document under 35"?

You can send any type of official documents in your country such us passport, driving license and identity card.

Can I have a refund of the registration fee?

No. As written in the rules and conditions of the announcement, reimbursement is not possible under any circumstances.

Where can I find other material prices?

In the registration mail you find the downloads of material(prices, features and images). For all other materials not listed you can use the international prices, or the price of any other country that you will indicate on the report.

Is it the "internship Award" for all the members of the group?

Yes. The internship is provided for the whole team. The architecture studio that hosts the team will need the Curriculum Vitae, portfolio and an interview with the winning team to verify their academic and/or professional skills fall into architecture firm standard requirements.

What is the deadline time? Is there extensions?

No. The deadline is written in the announcement and on the website on calendar page. There isn't extensions. All projects delivered after this date will not be considered, as it was written in official notice. So, We recommended don't wait the last day to load the project to avoid overloading the system.

I'm not able to access in Pay Pal payment system, can I register with another payment method?

The registration process via PayPal is the only way possible, and it allows to protect all the information you enter. If your PayPal system does not allow you to pay, the problem could be your credit / debit card or your country. So, You should verify if your country adheres to the PayPal system and if you can't solve the problem you should write to info@kairalooro.com, to ask another payment method.

If I won't won any prizes can I have a certificate of attendance?

All participants can request a certificate of participation within 3 months from the end of the competition.

I am currently 36, can I participate?

You can register as an individual or team with at maximum 5 members. All the teams must have at least one component having age between 18 and 35 years old at least until the end of the competition . Teams missing one under 35 year old member at least will be disqualified. Therefore, Since you are 36, you can join the competition but you need to create a team with at least one member under 35 to participate.

Is my team able to submit more than one proposal?

You can submit only one project for each entry fee. If you want to present more than one project you need to make more registrations. In this we recommend changing the Team Leader.