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The list of materials prices was updated on 09/02/2021, because an mistake on the price of Wild Bamboo appears. The correct price is € 0.5 (not € 200). You can download the update list in this link. However, only this change was made.

How many people are anticipated to occupy the administrative space?

The number of people making up the administration will be decided later by women's associations, it can be a variable number from 3 to 5 people. But this information is not restrictive, you can hypothesize a number based on your idea of Women's Ho.

The closed area of ​​200sqm is meant as closed by walls and roof or can it also be a gazebo?

The closed area of 200 square meters is the space that women will use to carry out the  activities of Women's House. As closed space we mean a space with a vertical and horizontal closure, regardless of the materials used. It must be closed to allow women to carry out activities during rains, sandstorms and stay safe.
Any gazebos or portico are not considered into the 200sqm because they are not considered essential for the performance of the activities, therefore these (being open) are considered as transition spaces.

The Spanish announcement talks about requirement "Bajo el nivel del suelo" while in the English one "Only ground level". Which is correct?

Given this inconsistency between the languages ​​of the calls, this requirement is excluded and therefore will not be taken into consideration during the evaluation. The projects can therefore be at any height but not have a second floor.

If the design involves several volumes, should the total area be 200 square meters?

Yes, the closed area of ​​the project must be a maximum of 200 square meters. For example, the Women's House can have a single volume of maximum 200, or two volumes of 100 square meters each or 4 of 50 square meters, etc.

What is the role of the woman in the village? Are there women's human rights associations?

In the project area there are patriarchal hierarchy and polygamy. The woman mainly carries out domestic and commercial activities. There are many women involved in the management of rice fields. There are cases of early marriages and pregnancies but they are decreasing compared to the last 10 years. There are sporadic events of family violence. In the area, women group create associations mainly engaged in developing activities to improve agricultural production and to create a network. 70% of adult women did not graduate from secondary school. There are many girls who drop out of school to help their mothers with housework. The highest positions of women in administrations are those of municipal councils.

Are cases of violence against women frequent?

Unfortunately there are cases of violence against women. The lack of awareness and knowledge on women's rights means that many violence are not declared and reported, nevertheless there are many declared cases of domestic violence, psychological violence, addiction and rape.

Can I insert solar panels and other types of systems?

The competition only requires the design of the architectural building. The design of the systems such as solar will take place in a second phase, therefore it is not necessary to do this. You are free to make it but this choice should not be included in the project budget.

I am not studying architecture, can I participate? Is the competition restricted only to students or professionals?

People from other disciplines can also participate, such as engineers, philosophers, sociologists, photographers, etc. Our competitions are open to all architects, designers or thinkers who want to show the world their solution to the issues we propose

How do I manage the bathrooms? Is there a water and sewer network?

It is one of the least developed areas of the country, where there are no water and sewage networks. The bathrooms are made through a hole in the ground, often made far from the house to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. The participant can foresee the positioning of the services (inside or outside the building) but the design of the sewage system is not required.

Are the materials in the list the only ones available?

No. The materials indicated are those most used and easier to find in the area surrounding the project. No type of material is avoided, but the choice and use of materials is a parameter of judgment of the jury based on the indications of the announcement.

Can I change the team after I register?

No. As written in the registration form, the team is no longer editable. This is done to avoid database manipulation and protect attendee data.

What kind of document can I send for the "document under 35"?

You can send any type of official document in your country where the date of birth is written. Accepted documents are passport, driving license and identity card.

Can I have a refund of the registration fee?

No. As written in the rules and conditions of the announcement, reimbursement is not possible under any circumstances.

Where can I find other material prices?

In the registration mail you find the downloads of material(prices, features and images). For all other materials you can use the international price, or the price of any other country that you will indicate on the report. So, You can then use the prices found through a online search, or the prices of your country and in the report you will indicate that that price refers to a specific country.

Are we supposed to provide technical drawings with dimensions and details ?

All that is required is written in the "Material" section. You are free to express your project in the way you think is best.

Is he internship at Kengo Kuma & Associates for all the members of the group?

Yes. The internship is provided for the whole team.

What is the deadline time? Is there extensions?

The deadline is written in the announcement and on the website on calendar page. There isn't extensions. All projects delivered after this date will not be considered, as it was written in official notice. So, We recommended don't wait the last day to load the project to avoid overloading the system.

Where do I find the Team ID? Layouts have to contain the ID Team?

The ID Team is an aplhanumeric code sent to the team leader after registration. In the announcement it is indicated that A1 and Cover must not contain ID Team, however, due to some differences between the translations in the various languages of the announcements, this indication is not mandatory and does not constitute a reason for exclusion. This is also possible because the documents are anonymous.

I'm not able to access in Pay Pal payment system, can I register with another payment method?

The registration process via PayPal is the only way possible, and it allows to protect all the information you enter. If your PayPal system does not allow you to pay, the problem could be your credit / debit card or your country (for example Turkey is not authorized in Pay Pal system). So, You should verify if your country adheres to the PayPal system and if you can't solve the problem you should write to info@kairalooro.com, to ask another payment method.

If I won't won any prizes can I have a certificate of attendance?

All participants can request a certificate of participation within 3 months from the end of the competition. Beyond this deadline, it won't be possible to issue certificates.

It says in the guildlines of the competition that 1 A1 layout (841 x 594mm) in .pdf format, written in English, 300 dpi, maximum size 15 mb, horizontal layout. Is this a compulsory stipulation or we can break the rule?

It's necessary that all requirements are respected.

Teams missing one under 35 member at least will be disqualified. If I am the youngest of my team and I will be 36 years old in 2019 after the end of the competition, my team can take part?

Yes, all the teams that have at least one component having age between 18 and 35 years old at least until the end of the competition can partecipate.

Is my team able to submit more than one proposal?

You are free to submit more than one proposal as long as you register each one separately and pay its correspondent fee.

Can I put any kind of text into the A1?

As indicated in the "Rules" it is required to comprehensively represent the project through sections render sketches ect. Any texts must be in the English language, but it is preferable to communicate the project through images.

Can I put any kind of images into the report?

NO. The report is just text in english.